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An eyelid correction at CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics is carried out by one of the doctors. The same specialist will guide you through the intake, the procedure itself and the postoperative care.

The treatment consists of three steps.

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our team

Rogier Holtz

Rogier Holtz

founder / doctor

Rogier specializes in cosmetic surgery and injectables. With thousands of procedures under his belt, he is one of the country’s most experienced doctors. He also works as an instructor for IBSA pharmaceuticals and gives training and workshops to colleagues. Having started his career in 2003, today Rogier is known for his aesthetic eye and natural results.
Floor Claus

Floor Claus

founder / doctor

In 2003, Floor Claus was one of the first cosmetic doctors in the Netherlands. Hosting workshops and presentation around the world, Floor is one of the Netherlands’ most renowned cosmetic surgeons. In 2014 she founded her first clinic in Amsterdam, together with Rogier Holtz.

frequently asked questions

How long do the results of an upper eyelid correction last?

The results of an upper eyelid correction are visible for a long time. As a result of aging and sagging skin, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure after ten to fifteen years, if so desired.

Will I feel any pain after the operation?

In our experience, patients hardly ever experience any pain after the procedure. In case you do, paracetamol is typically sufficient to supress the pain. Should the pain endure, we advise you to contact our assistant.

How long does the scar remain visible?

In the first days after the procedure, there’s often some swelling and sometimes a bruise. The scar is a thin, slightly coloured line, often with a few scabs. After a few months, the scar will naturally return to the arch of your eye where it will become thinner and less visible.

How long is the recovery process after an upper eyelid correction?

After an upper eyelid correction, we advise you to rest, not to bend over or to do heavy physical labour. After the procedure, you’ll receive extensive advice as well as a brochure for home reading.

How long after the procedure can I go home?

You don’t have to be admitted for an eyelid correction, which means you can go home right after the procedure. We do advise you to bring someone to take you home.

Are there any risks associated with eyelid corrections?

The chance of complications with an upper eyelid correction is very small. Some swelling and bruising may occur, but they won’t affect the final result. During your intake session, the doctor informs you about the possible risks and complications, so you can make a well-informed decision. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics seven days a week, 24 hours a day via telephone number 06 42 36 36 82.

Can I smoke before and after the procedure?

For the best results, we advise you not to smoke before or after the procedure. At the very least, refrain from smoking while the stitches are still in. But even after the stitches have been removed, the healing process benefits from not smoking.

Can I keep using blood thinners before the procedure?

We recommend that you bring a list of your current medication. During the intake session, the doctor will discuss the use of blood thinners with you. If necessary, our doctor will contact your doctor about your medication.

Is an upper eyelid correction performed under general anaesthesia?

An eyelid correction is performed under local anaesthesia. The procedure itself is painless.

I have had a Botox treatment around my eyes, can I still undergo an eyelid correction?

Yes. The doctors at CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics are very experienced in applying Botox treatments themselves and can advise you in this matter. You can also be treated with Botox after the treatment.

How much does an upper eyelid correction cost?

An eyelid correction at CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics costs 850 euros.

How often can you have an eyelid corrected?

We regularly operate on eyes for a second or third time. Whether your eyelid can be operated on again, is discussed in the intake interview.

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